Aussie Made Soap

Our pure plant oil Aussie made soap bars have a natural foundation and are handcrafted in Australia with the highest quality ingredients. Australia provides some of the best natural oils in the world, and our products are proof that they make stunning soaps.

Comes in French Pear, Cocoa Butter, Essential Lavender, Eucalyptus, Goats Milk & Lemongrass, Natural Goats Milk, Lemongrass and Shea Butter.

Handmade soap maintains all of the hydrating natural glycerine, resulting in a rich, creamy lather. Skin-nourishing ingredients, combined with superfatting and natural saponification, result in a moisturising soap bar rich in natural oils and glycerine.

Aromatherapeutic advantages are provided by scented natural soaps, which are prepared with pure essential oils rather than fragrance oils.

Essential oils are useful for more than just smell. Take a deep breath before entering the bath or shower. Aromatherapy can help with everything from stress relief to re-energizing your spirit.

Sensitive Skin: 

Our skin, the body’s biggest organ, is extremely porous and absorbent. How we treat our skin has a significant impact on both our general health and the appearance and feel of our skin.

Some people who have sensitive skin don’t actually have sensitive skin.
Their skin is just irritated by a chemical in their soap or other skincare product. For many skin types, simple natural soaps are more calming.

Everyone desires good skin, yet synthetic chemicals do not agree with your skin. If you’re having trouble finding a soap that doesn’t affect your skin, switching to a simple natural Aussie made soap on a daily basis is a good place to start. Your skin will be able to tell the difference.

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