Caring for your towels basics and essentials

Caring for your towels basics and essentials

Confused by towel care? Here’s the run-down:

Washing guidelines

  • Always wash towels in a cool/warm machine wash separately before use. This is because your towels have been handled during manufacture and have been in a store environment and therefore may be dusty.
  • Always wash dark colours separately.
  • As towels are generally stacked on shelves the towels may also look ‘flat’ in appearance and washing will ensure the pile regains its fluffiness.
  • We recommend that the washing powder/liquid is fully dissolved before adding your towels.
  • Uneven fading and patchy colour can occur if detergent comes into direct contact with the towels.
  • When washing coloured towels, to avoid fading, please use a detergent designed for coloureds.
  • Do not use a detergent containing brighteners as brighteners only brighten whites and can seriously affect the colour of the towels.
  • Limit the use of fabric conditioners on your towels. Overuse will leave a coating on the fibres of your towels and reduces absorbency. Towels are made of high-quality yarns which are naturally soft and absorbent and don’t need added conditioners.
  • Do not iron towels. It will make the pile fibres flat.
  • Do not dry clean towels.

Drying guidelines

  • Tumble drying on medium heat will give the towels the softest finish.
  • Drying for excessive periods at a high heat setting will make the towels harsh. Over-drying will remove the moisture that is naturally present in the fabric, causing it to feel harsh or rough, and it may cause the fabric to become brittle and shorten the lifespan of your towel.
  • Alternatively, shake your towels and then dry them on a washing line, taking care not to leave towels out too long in the hot sun as the fibres will become harsh. Also, excessive exposure to full sunlight will fade the colour.
  • Do not leave towels wet or damp in the washing machine or clothes basket as this may cause staining or mildew stains.

Colour guidelines for your towels

Caring for your towels basics
  • Bleach will remove the colour from your towels permanently, so take care to ensure that they don’t come into contact with bathroom cleaners.
  • Some facial cleansers and skin treatments contain Benzoyl Peroxide, which has the same effect as bleach. Rinse hands and face thoroughly after using these products as the effect on the towel may not be apparent until after it has been washed.

Pulled threads

  • Pulled threads occur when towels catch on sharp objects. Any pulled threads can simply be cut off. Towels are woven so the threads won’t run.

Towels- Colour variation

Soft towels
  • Towels are dyed in batches. This may give a slight rise to colour variation between towels from different batches. However, Home Direct works very hard to ensure that this does not occur with strict quality checks.


  • Cotton is a natural fibre and new towels will shed some loose fibres during the first few launderings. This is more apparent with darker colours. Fibre shedding is not a defect and won’t affect the performance of the towels.

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