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The main difference is that while not in use, the bedspread covers the bedding and the mattress.

Bedspread and bedsheets are two sorts of bedding that can be employed for making a beautiful bedroom. A bedspread is a beautiful roof that usually covers the whole bed. Bed linen is placed under the cover, just above the mattress. Bedsheets are generally useful, but a bedspread is not only functional but also attractive.

What is a Bedspread

What is a Bedspread

If the bed is not in use, we cover it with stylish bedding. It is light and may be used alone in warm weather; it can be used as a décor to a comforting room in frigid winter.

They are laid on top of the bed linen straight away. The mattress will usually be directly on top of them if you do not utilise them. Normally they cover the whole bed and reach the floor.


  • To serve as a decorative object.
  • The mattress and/or bed sheets are protected.
  • In colder climates, it provides warmth.

What is a Bedsheet

What is a Bedsheet

Is a rectangle fabric that runs across the mattress. They are available in different styles and fabrics, for instance, cotton sheets, percale cotton, linen sheets, cotton bamboo, and silk. Fitted and flat sheets fulfill various mattress purposes.


  • Protects the skin
  • Protects the mattress
  • Easy to clean

Choosing a Flat Sheet or a Top Sheet

A flat sheet is a sheet that separates you from your quilt. Your quilt cover can replace your top sheet and keep you warm.

Choosing a Fitted Sheet or a Bottom Sheet

The elastic edge of a bottom sheet, also known as a fitted sheet, fits over your mattress. Most of the mattresses that we find in the market nowadays are thick, hence, it’s important to double-check before purchasing a fitted sheet to ensure that it will fit your mattress.

How to select the right bed sheet?

How to select the right bed sheet

Simplifying Linen – Thread counts, materials, and linen terms can often be very daunting. This guide is to help all of you when selecting your next sheet purchase and ensuring a great night’s sleep.

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