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Bed Sheets Vs Bedspreads - Home Direct Australia

Bed Sheets Vs Bedspreads

The main difference is that while not in use, the bedspread covers the bedding and the mattress.Bedspread and bedsheets are two sorts of bedding that can be employed for making a beautiful bedroom.

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How To Select The Right Sheet - Home Direct Australia

How To Select The Right Sheet

Simplifying Linen – Thread counts, materials, and linen terms can often be very daunting. This guide is to help all of you when selecting your next sheet purchase and ensuring a great night’s sleep.
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Bedding Care Tips

Bedding Care- Tips

How To Take Care Of Your Bed Linen. Always wash dark colours separately. To ensure the longevity of your bed linen, rotate your sheets.
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How To Select The Right Quilt - Home Direct Australia

How To Select The Right Quilt

When selectig your quilt, please consider: 

  • That the weight is up to a comparable standard to other quilts in the marketplace – you get what you pay for.
  • Ensure the product has not been made to a price point and the manufacturer and or retailer is skimping on the fill quality or quantity to lower the price.
  • The quilt is constructed correctly...
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